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Powerful method of deepening your business relationships with your customers, stay connected, and provide repeat business.  Combined with Optin and Squeeze pages it allows you to expand, automates, and increase your sales and income.

  • Develop a marketing campaign pain to generate repeat business
  • Enables your clients stay up to date and know your products and services
  • Develop a campaign plan to put your business on autopilot
  • Consistent and contentious followup with your customers
  • Insure your email delivery and greater results four your business

Mobile Apps

When you download a Mobile Apps to your phone or tablet it works online or offline.  It allows the user to go directly to your business application and access the information they need about your business, products, and services.  The focus of a mobile is to connect, inform, build loyalty for your and your business.

  • Create an Mobile App to generate new and repeat business
  • Develop a connection between your business and you customer
  • Develop your own promotions and offers of your products and services
  • Provide loyalty rewards keeping your best customers coming back for more
  • Offer customers the ability to chat with you directly and get feed back on products and services

Video Marketing

At least once a week 70% of web users watch view videos on the internet.   Videos can be widely utilized and highly versatile.  You can include them in emails, web sites, Social Media, newsletter, for SEO, and more…  Videos allow you to create trust in you, your products, and services more than any other medium on the internet.

  • Create your story on video relevant to your ideal customer
  • Develop a personal relationship of trust with your customers
  • Bring your customer’s success story to life
  • Develop and optimize your business video channel

Based on your needs we provide different video formats:

  • Informational
  • Company story
  • Testimonials
  • Product or Service ads
  • Special offers

Social Media

Did you know that your target customers are on Social Media?  It is the new word-of-mouth as more and more people connect, talk, and share about everything from personal, professional, products, to services.

  • 1 in 6 minutes online is spent on Social Media
  • Social Local Search is growing
  • Social Media ranks 2nd as medium for business in content marketing
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter help you connect with customers
  • Social Media generates exposure and drives visitors to your business
  • Creates a loyal fan base above generating leads

Presence Analysis

Your website like your business is different from other websites and search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing look at your website in a unique way.  To develop and internet marketing plan for you requires understanding your business, your competition, and your website.

  • Do a health check on your website – web design, web structure, link error, title and meta descriptions, backlinks, content, an more
  • Perform and analysis on your competition
  • Determine if your website is search engine friendly
  • Determine your website performance and loading speed
  • Understand your presence or lack of on the internet
  • How to improve visitors experience and engagement

Local Buzz

Local optimization though local directories, maps, review sites, and main search engines.  In combination with SEO it’s extremely powerful in expanding your visibility online.  Local searches have come a long way in the last 2 years and are projected to grow exponentially do to the increase of local searches on the internet.

  • Optimization through Facebook Places, Google+, Bing Local, Yahoo Local
  • Social Media promotion of events
  • Posting of reviews that promote sales
  • Checking of visibility and viral brand
  • Unique citation building

Web Design

MOBILE RESPONSIVEWith today’s technology a strategically effective mobile website is a requirement.  With over 125 million smart phone users, just in the US alone and 50 million tablet users.  Mobile websites are key.LEAD GENERATION

 You have 15 seconds to engage you a visitor and convert them into customers.  Your site allows you to do that by capturing their information and then you must know what to do with it, once you have it.We can help you unleash the power of your business through your website:

  • We can design a powerful marketing website for you
  • We can build you a fully customized new website
  • Improve on our existing site converting visitors into customers
  • Create a lead generation site that integrated with your existing one

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Coming up with your exclusive SEO plan that fits your business needs is paramount to your success in the internet world.  We will guide you through this process the whole way by:

  • Determine what you want to rank for
  • Identify the highest qualified keywords
  • Pin down the buyers keywords verses the browsers
  • Setup the onsite optimization of you website
  • Perform offsite optimization monthly
  • We use the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird SEO methodology
  • Generate monthly reports on the progress of expanding your visibility


This is a more proactive approach to SEO by adding one or more forms of advertisement.  For example one of hottest methods is Pay Per Click (PPC).  Manage monthly it is one of the most successful and quickest way to generate highly qualified visitors that convert to customers, when done properly.

  • Maybe you experience no results before with PPC
  • It is a full-time job so let our experts help you
  • Target the qualified customers int he right way
  • It cost less than you think
  • We manage and track monthly for ultimate results

Reputation Marketing


Your business online has the choice of four presence levels and they all depend on you and what you do with your business on the internet.  Your presence is defined by how you relate and interact with the world online.  Level five is a 5 star presence, 4 is good presence, 3 is no presence, and 1 is a bad presence. Reputation Marketing Is all about creating and maximizing your presence online, which is a key factor for obtaining an outstanding (5 star) presence.  It is the offensive way you power-up you site.

Reputation Marketing is all about restoring and improving your business’ presence that does not exist or has been damaged by bad reviews and other means.  This affects you ranking therefore your presence online.  Either way Reputation Marketing must be done before any other prior to other marketing.

What Does Reputation Marketing Do For YOU?
  • Determines the best directories for your business
  • Develops and markets your 5 star presence
  • Manages and prevents any negative presence
  • Create a business culture presence that promotes for you
  • Plus much more…