Reputation Marketing


Your business online has the choice of four presence levels and they all depend on you and what you do with your business on the internet.  Your presence is defined by how you relate and interact with the world online.  Level five is a 5 star presence, 4 is good presence, 3 is no presence, and 1 is a bad presence. Reputation Marketing Is all about creating and maximizing your presence online, which is a key factor for obtaining an outstanding (5 star) presence.  It is the offensive way you power-up you site.

Reputation Marketing is all about restoring and improving your business’ presence that does not exist or has been damaged by bad reviews and other means.  This affects you ranking therefore your presence online.  Either way Reputation Marketing must be done before any other prior to other marketing.

What Does Reputation Marketing Do For YOU?
  • Determines the best directories for your business
  • Develops and markets your 5 star presence
  • Manages and prevents any negative presence
  • Create a business culture presence that promotes for you
  • Plus much more…